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Tenant Rights and Information

Succession and Assignment

Succession of your Tenancy

When a council tenant dies, someone else may 'succeed' (or inherit) the tenancy provided the following apply:

  •  They are a joint tenant
  •  The tenancy has not been succeeded before (unless special conditions apply)
  •  If not a joint tenant, the person must be named on the tenancy as a household member and have lived there for at least the last 12 months
  •  The property has not had major adaptations which you do not require (in this case you will be rehoused elsewhere)
  •  The property is not too large or small for your needs (you will be offered a more suitable size property)

Assigning your Tenancy

Assigning your tenancy means passing it on to someone else. The law around assignments can be complex so you should speak to your Neighbourhood Manager and seek independent advice in the first instance.

Assignment is usually ordered by a Judge in court following a marriage breakdown.

If you move out of your property, you may not assign your council property to another person without following the correct legal process. This is called 'sub-letting' and is a prosecutable offence. You and any sub-tenants will almost certainly face eviction.