Council Gardens and Service

You must keep your garden neat and tidy, and get rid of all the household and garden rubbish properly.

You must do all you can to keep the whole premises free from rats, mice and other pests. Rats and mice often make their homes inside old sofas, chairs and mattresses so you must not leave items like these in your garden.

You must not store household items, such as fridges, cookers and so on, in your garden.

You cannot remove, alter, replace or plant any boundary hedge or fence at your property without our permission in writing.

You must not plant large shrubs or trees in a place that could cause a nuisance to your neighbours or damage property. If any plants, hedges or trees do cause a nuisance, you must trim or remove them as necessary. This includes anything that blocks out your neighbours' natural light, or blocks or hangs over the footpath.

You must not block any passageway, entrance, pathway or driveway that is shared or regularly used by you, your neighbours or visitors.

You cannot put up a shed or greenhouse without our permission, in writing. You may also need planning permission for this and we will tell you how to get it.

You must not store any explosive or flammable materials anywhere on the premises.

You must not store paraffin, gas cylinder or bottles, or any appliance that is powered by gas, petrol or paraffin, except lawnmowers and garden strimmers.

If, due to age or infirmity, you are unable to maintain your garden and you have no relatives that can help you, the Council may be able to help.