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Disabled adaptations

Applying for disabled adaptations

If you require a minor adaptation to your home we may be able to carry out the work directly. Please fill out the form below and we will arrange for our Repairs Maintenance Team to contact you.  Minor adaptations will usually commence within 28 working days.

For the more significant major adaptations, we must have an Occupational Therapist Report before we agree to undertake the work.

To apply for an adaptation please fill out the online form and provide a clear explanation for why the adaptation is necessary.  We may contact you to obtain further details and discuss your Housing Options. Please note this form should only be completed if you are a tenant of Kettering Borough Council.  If you are not a tenant of the council you will need to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

We will make an Occupational Therapist Referral on your behalf to Northamptonshire County Council.  The Occupational Therapist will contact you within 5 working days to arrange an appointment to carry out the assessment in your home. Once we have received a recommendation report from the Occupational Therapist we can add you to our waiting list for adaptations. The waiting time will depend on whether the Occupational Therapist assesses your need as Critical, Urgent or Standard. When we are ready to carry out the work we will inform you in writing.

Disabled adaptations is a free service for tenants: if we carry out adaptations to your home you will not be charged.

If we cannot adapt your current home

We may ask that where your property is under-occupied or your property is not suitable to be adapted, that you consider a move to a more appropriate property.

Our HomeMove Advisor will contact you to discuss your housing options which could include a move to another council property or moving into privately rented accommodation. 

We can offer financial and practical support to move via our Enhanced HomeMove Service.