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Disabled adaptations

Disabled Adaptations in Council Accommodation

Kettering Borough Council is committed to providing essential adaptations to give council tenants, or their family members, better freedom of movement in and around their home and access to essential facilities within it.

Adaptations are alterations made to your property to assist you in the everyday use of your home. When it is not possible to move to a more suitable property, we can offer a wide range of solutions to assist Kettering Borough Council tenants to maximise their independence in their home.

The council classes adaptations into two types based on their cost.  Minor adaptations cost less than £500 and include:

  • handrails
  • grab rails
  • lever taps
  • external lighting
  • flashing doorbells
  • smoke alarm alerts
  • window opening equipment
  • safety glass
  • door and wall protectors
  • door security
  • keysafe

Major adaptations often require more extensive, costly and complex work and can include:

  • stair lifts
  • level access shower
  • kitchen and bathroom alterations
  • access alterations (eg wider door frames)
  • ramps

Please note the information on these pages relate to council tenants requiring disabled adaptations.  If you are not a council tenant and require disabled adaptations, you will need to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.