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If you need to move home

Mutual Exchange

Mutual Exchange lets you and another council or housing association tenant agree to swap your homes.  You can swap with another social tenant anywhere in the United Kingdom.  This can be a quick and easy way to move.

House Exchange is a free service for Kettering tenants.  There are lots of other mutual exchange websites and you can join as many as you wish to increase your chances of finding a swap.  Some are free and some may charge a small fee to register.

How can I register for House Exchange?

If you would like to find someone to swap properties with you, please register your details on House Exchange.  We will then send you your sign-in details through the post.  If you do not have access to the internet, you can use the self-service area in reception at Kettering Borough Council or use the computers in your local library. 

You will need to be a secure, fixed term or assured tenant before your mutual exchange can take place.

Applicants can search the database to find properties that match their requirements.  You can opt out of House Exchange if you change your mind about moving. 

What happens next?

Once you have received your login details you can search for exchanges on the website. There are four ways to search:

  1. For the type of property you need in the area you would like

  2. For anyone who is interested in your property

  3. For a match both ways

  4. For a three-way search

Once you have found a match, you will need to arrange to view each other's properties. Once you are both happy to proceed, you can begin the formal process!

What do I do when I find someone to swap with?

When you have found someone to swap with, please complete a mutual exchange application form. Once you have both informed your landlord in writing they will confirm if the exchange can take place or not.  Your property will be inspected and you must both repair any damage that is your responsibility before the exchange takes place.

You cannot move without your landlord's consent.

You will not normally be allowed to exchange if you owe rent, either property has had significant adaptations completed and the other househodl does not require them or if exchanging would cause overcrowding for either party.

Important things to consider

Before you agree to move, you should check the condition of the new property as you will accept it in its current condition. Also check the type of tenancy agreement you will be taking on as your rights may be different. Your Neighbourhood Manager can advise you.