Vehicles and Parking - Council Tenants Responsibilities

Vehicles and Parking

General parking information

Kettering Borough Council cannot get involved in parking disputes. Parking is often in short supply, however you must ensure you park legally and responsibly.

Apply to rent a garage

You may apply to rent a garage from Kettering Borough Council.

Parking on your property

If you want to park a vehicle within the boundaries of your property you must do so legally and in accordance with the conditions of your tenancy;

  • You must make sure that emergency vehicles and refuse collection vehicles have clear access at all times
  • You must have a dropped kerb or footpath crossing to bring a vehicle onto your premises. It is illegal to cross the footpath with a vehicle without a properly constructed crossing
  • You must have a properly constructed hardstanding on the premises
  • You can get an application form for permission for a crossing and a hardstanding from your neighbourhood manager
  • You should not park a caravan, boat, motorhome or trailer on the premises without our permission, in writing
  • If your vehicle is untaxed, you must declare it to the DVLA. This is known as Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN)
  • You must not leave untaxed vehicles which are SORN in any council owned or communal car parks
  • You must not keep any illegal or unroadworthy vehicles anywhere on the premises or on any land owned by us
  • You must not store or repair a motorcycle inside the property
  • You must not park, ride, drive or tow any motor vehicle (including caravans, trailers and boats) on public walkways, grassed areas, verges, public open spaces or any land owned by us
  • You must not leave any vehicle part or parts on the premises or on any land belonging to us
  • You must not allow oil, petrol or other vehicle fluid to spill onto the road, footpath or shared car-parking areas
  • You must not regularly carry out vehicle repairs on the premises or land owned by us, whether for payment or not