Talks at the Alfred East Art Gallery

Lunchtime Talks & Evening Talks

Lunchtime Talks

Lunchtime Talks are from 1pm - 2pm monthly.

Refreshments are available from 12:30pm until the start of the talk.

Ticket Prices: £5 per person or £3.50 with a Kettering Leisure Pass.
Booking is recommended. To book your place please call the Gallery on 01536 534274 or email

Nancy Wake & companions: the continuing story of the Special Operations Executive

By Betty West
Friday 27th March

Betty West's talk completes discussing the SOE Freelance circuit with Nancy Wake's two companions, Major John Farmer and Major Dennis Rake.


Paula, Gwen & Dora, the hidden lives of three women artists

By Sue Lydia Taylor
Friday 24th April

How a historical appraisal of the lives of three women artists can give us insights into the art world of today.


Churchyards, Cemeteries & the Victorians - Black Feathers to Black Underwear

By Kevin Varty
Friday 22nd May

This talk shows the effects that the opening of the new cemeteries had on Victorian attitudes to death and mourning, illustrating the incredible growth of the funeral industry at the time.


The story of the Wallis & Linnell factory in Brigstock

By Bill Simon
Friday 12th June

Wallis and Linnell were an important clothing manufacturing company in Kettering. This talk covers the early days of the firm and the history of its Brigstock branch.

Evening Talks

The Friends of Kettering Art Gallery & Museum organise monthly evening talks held at the Gallery on Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm - 9pm.

Refreshments are available.

Ticket Prices: £4 per person, FREE to Friends Members. No advanced booking is required.



The Unusual Story of Benjamin Cusley

By David Brown and Bernadette Millar
Wednesday 15th April

An amazing tale of endeavour and achievement.

Small Finds in Archaeology 

By Eleanore Cox
Wednesday 20th May

Your first brush with archaeology was probably through a small find, perhaps a shard of pottery on country walk. Eleanor is the small finds officer at NCC and holds regular sessions at the Manor House Museum. Find out more about small finds and what you should do with that Viking hoard that you discovered in your back garden!

1645 and all that

By Phil Steele
Wednesday 17th June

On this important anniversary of the Battle of Naseby, Phil will explore aspects of this crucial battle and the religious, social and political consequences.