Talks at the Alfred East Art Gallery

The Alfred East Art Gallery hosts monthly Lunchtime and Evening talks.

Lunchtime Talks

Lunchtime Talks are from 1pm - 2pm monthly.

Refreshments are available from 12:30pm until the start of the talk.

Ticket Prices: £5 per person, £3.50 with a Kettering Leisure Pass.

Play & School

By Northamptonshire Film Archive
Friday 29th June

Vintage cine film showing, featuring Wicksteed Park, the UK's first custom made theme park, it's open day with Charles Wicksteed and a look at four village schools in the 1950's. 


'Off with his Head!'

By Geoff Hales
Friday 27th July

Spring 1872: Lewis Carroll is about to propose to Alice Liddell, heroine of his 'Alice' book. The play follows the events of the day as he waits for her to come to tea.                          

'Best Foot Forward'

By Kevin Varty
Friday 28th September

This fascinating talk highlights the developments in the production and supply of artificial limbs prior to, during and just after the First World War.                                                        

Evening Talks

The Friends of Kettering Art Gallery & Museum organise monthly Evening Talks.

Held at the Gallery on Wednesday Evenings from 7:30pm - 9pm.

Refreshments available.

Ticket Prices: £4 per person, FREE to Friends Members. No advance booking required