Talks at the Alfred East Art Gallery

The Alfred East Art Gallery hosts monthly Lunchtime and Evening talks.

Lunchtime Talks

Lunchtime Talks are from 1pm - 2pm monthly.

Refreshments are available from 12:30pm until the start of the talk.

Ticket Prices: £5 per person or £3.50 with a Kettering Leisure Pass.
Booking is recommended. To book your place please call the Gallery on 01536 534274 or email


Isaac Newton and the Brigstock Connection 

By Sally Wilks
Friday 15th March

Isaac Newton's Brigstock connection was through his half-sister, who married and moved there. Newton would have come to Brigstock to visit her and her family.                               


'Away with the Fairies'

By Kevin Varty
Friday 26th April

In 1917, at the height of the Great War, two girls from Cottingley in Yorkshire took photographs of fairies. These photographs came to light in the 1920's and caused a sensation. This is the fascinating story of how it all started.                               

Tales from the Trenches 

By Steve Dimmer
Friday 17th May

Some of the myths and legends that came out of The War to End All Wars are traced, shedding fascinating new light on the many curious and unexplained wartime tales from World War I.                            


'A little Square of Bliss'

By Tricia Thompson
Friday 28th June

This talk offers a glimpse into the fascinating history of chocolate. Rich, seductive and irresistible, it's little wonder that throughout its history chocolate has been a symbol of decadence and indulgence.                         

Evening Talks

The Friends of Kettering Art Gallery & Museum organise monthly Evening Talks held at the Gallery on Wednesday Evenings from 7:30pm - 9pm.

Refreshments are available.

Ticket Prices: £4 per person, FREE to Friends Members. No advanced booking is required.


Exile and Transportation

By Mike Britton
Wednesday 20th March

Mike is a leading member of the Finedon Historical Society and is an authority on the subject. Come and learn about the crimes, trials and brutal sentences imposed on some local felons.   


AGM at 7.15pm followed by The Arts of Skagen

By David Brown
Wednesday 17th April

A taste of this most northern tip of Denmark and some insight into the Skagen school of artists. How does this link to Kettering? Come and discover how we are joined!   



By John McGowan
Wednesday 15th May

John is an artist and teacher and specialist printmaker. He employs a variety of techniques to achieve his final image. Fascinating!   


Women Artists

By Sue Lydia Taylor
Wednesday 19th June

Sue Lydia Taylor has specialised in the subject of women in art as the theme for her Masters thesis. Taking a historical perspective, she will explore the different ways in which women have chosen to portray their own self image.