Leisure Pass

The Leisure pass is free to join if you live or study in the Borough of Kettering and can benefit from reductions in services across the borough.

You must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Over 60 years - REMEMBER if you hold a Kettering Bus pass it includes the Leisure Pass
  • Receiving Housing/Council Tax Benefit
  • Disabled  
  • Over 16 years & in full-time education or training
  • In receipt of means tested benefit (excluding Child Tax Credit)  
  • Active member of the Armed Forces

If you meet the above criteria please complete the online form below and bring in the following documents to the main Kettering Borough Council office where you will be issued your leisure pass card:

  • Proof of address ie. a utility bill  or recent bank statement with your full address
  • Proof of age if you are over 60
  • Benefits proof of a ward ie. official letter from Job Centre Plus, Income Support, Social Worker, Housing or Council tax benefits
  • Confirmation letter from Education Provider
  • Disability pension or benefit allowance letter
  • Armed forces letter of employment   

Please note you will not require a photograph as this can be done at the Kettering Borough Council main office when your leisure pass is issued.

To obtain a new leisure pass when your current one has expired you will need to revisit the Kettering Borough Council office where you will be required to complete a new application form and bring up to date documentation as listed above.

Leisure Pass Application