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Service Charter for Burials

Prior to the day of the Service

All relevant paperwork will be checked 48 hours prior to the service providing it is supplied to Bereavement Services on time.

Bereavement Services will allocate grave plots in rotation.

Kettering Borough Council will dig the grave 24 hours before the funeral is due to take place, unless there are health and safety concerns over:-

  • Soil type
  • Weather
  • The grave being open over a prolonged period (i.e. over a weekend/Bank Holiday)

The location of the plot wil be double checked against the information provided to Bereavement Services.

On the Day of the Service

The graveside will be dressed prior to the funeral service.

Kettering Borough Council will provide a soil box at the graveside.

The Council will procide an attendant at the graveside 15 minutes before the service is due to start.  This attendant will collect the relevant paperwork and check the name plate on the coffin.

The Bereavement Services attendant will stay a respectful distance from the graveside until the coffin has been lowered to the earth, at  which time they will discreetly retire from the service to allow the mourners privacy.

The grave will be backfilled on the day of the funeral, as soon as the service has finished and the last mourners have left the graveside.  If it is the wish that a family member woud like to be present when the grave is backfilled please contact your funeral director.

The grave will be leveled off and turfed, unless conditions (such as frost) make the recovery of the turf impossible, in which case new turf or grass seed will be laid at the nearest possible occasion.

Flower tributes will be respectfully arranged on the grave once it has been backfilled.

Kettering Borough Council's Bereavement Services are happy to answer any queries concerning any bereavement issue.