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Service Standards at Kettering Crematorium


Bereavement Services operates within the Kettering Borough Council’s correspondence policy all enquiries will receive a response within 10 days of receipt. If a full response cannot be given for any reason within this time span then a response stating this will be sent and updates will be given every 7 days thereafter.

Burial Service Standards

For our Burial Service Standards and a full set of burial regulations please contact the Bereavement Services Team on the link below.

Grounds Maintenance Schedule

Grass cutting is carried out every two weeks during the growing season, except in cases of high burial rates. Bins within the grounds are emptied at least once per week, more during times of high visiting rates. A full schedule for Grounds Maintenance is available upon request.

Funeral Bookings

Under normal operating conditions we will offer 15 service times Monday to Friday and 3 on Saturdays. This is reduced over bank holiday weekends and during times of mechanical servicing. This means that availability for booking a funeral service should not normally exceed 6 days (based on 2015/16 figures).


Services at Warren Hill Crematorium last for 45 minutes, this includes time for mourners to enter and exit. Additional service times can be booked. The Edgar Newman chapel seats 135 with standing room for an additional 50 mourners. The Albert Munn chapel seats 65 with standing room for an additional 35 mourners.

Fees and Charges

For a copy of our Fees and Charges, please contact the Bereavement Services Team on the link below. Fees and charges are reviewed each April.

ICCM Charter for the Bereaved

The Council has voluntarily adopted the ICCM’s Charter for the Bereaved. This is a set principles to ensure that the entire bereavement experience occur without error or insensitivity, and meets the religious, secular, ethnic and cultural needs of the bereaved.

For a copy of the Guiding Principles of Burial and Cremation, contact the Bereavement Services Team below. A copy of the full Charter for the Bereaved can be borrowed from Bereavement Services.


Bereavement Services operates within Kettering Borough Council’s complaints policy which can be sourced from the Bereavement Services Team.

Complaints received will be investigated and a full response will be sent within 10 days.

Should you feel your complaint was handled in an unsatisfactory way you may refer it through the ICCM's Charter for the Bereaved Grievance Policy.

Bereavement Services