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Memorials and Fees and Charges

Memorial Benches Policy

Benches within Cemeteries and Crematoria

The provision of Memorial Benches within our cemeteries and crematoria is no longer permitted. Any new benches will be removed without notice.

Memorial benches sold through the Council are no longer available. Existing benches that were purchased through us are the responsibility of the owner. This includes all maintenance, repairs and cleaning.

We complete regular visual inspections of the benches to ensure health and safety of our sites. If a bench has fallen into disrepair and is a hazard, we have the right to remove the bench. We will attempt to contact the owner where possible.

Unauthorised Benches

Unauthorised benches brought to cemeteries or crematoria cannot be guaranteed to comply with health and safety standards. They also do not conform with the Council's right to "lay out and embellish a cemetery in such manner as they think fit" (Local Authorities Cemetery Order 1977). For those reasons, the Council will remove any unauthorised benches within its sites without warning. As the benches are unauthorised, the Council has no way of knowing the owner of the bench and we can't get in contact.

Existing Benches

We will provide adequate seating within its cemetery and crematorium sites for visitors to sit on should they wish to. These benches are placed at the Cemetery and Crematoria Managers' discretion and should not be moved.

We have the responsibility for the checking, maintenance and repair of these benches.  They are repaired on rotation between all of the cemeteries and crematorium. The order of this is decided upon by frequency of visitors to the site and the state of repair of the benches themselves.

New Benches

We will provide adequate seating within our cemetery and crematorium sites for visitors to sit on. These benches are placed at our discretion and are not to be relocated by the general public.

All new benches should be made of either:

  • Cast iron legs and hardwood slats for ease of repair by our carpenters
  • Recycled plastic (e.g. London Road Cemetery) for environmental reasons