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Family Arranged Funeral Services

More and more families are choosing to organise part or all of the funeral service for a number of reasons including; wanting greater control over the service or financial reasons.

There is no requirement for a family to emply a funeral director to arrange a funeral service.  However, careful consideration needs to be taken before a family makes the decision to arrange the funeral as a number of the necessary stages may be stressful or upsetting to some people.

When deciding to arrange a funeral yourself the key stages that will need to be arranged by yourself are:

  • Arrange suitable cold storage for the body of the deceased (usually with the hospital) until the day of the funeral service.
  • Decide on cremation or  burial and arrange with Bereavement Services a suitable date and time for the service.
  • Arrange for a Service Leader (Celebrant, religious or family member) to conduct the actual service (if wanted).
  • Organise music arrangements with Crematorium Music Ltd (cremation services or burials using a chapel for the service only).
  • Arrange to inform family and friends of the service time.
  • Register the death with Northamptonshire Registrars.
  • Complete necessary legislative paperwork.  Arrange and pay for doctor examination paperwork (Cremation only).
  • Arrange suitable transport for the deceased to the crematorium or cemetery on the day.
  • Arrange for a temporary grave marker (burial only).

If you are confident that a family led service is the right choice then a detailed document outlining each stage can be  by contacting Bereavement Services at Warren Hill Crematorium, between 08:00 am - 16:00 pm Monday to Friday, or using the link below:-


Bereavement Services


Up Dated 10.02.2021