Arranging a Cremation Service

The following information is aimed at giving advice and help to anyone when arranging a funeral service.

The Chapels and Grounds

Albert Munn Chapel
Part of the original building and opened in 1940, the Albert Munn chapel  retains may of its original features including art deco windows and rood screen.  The Albert Munn Chapel is now the smaller of the two chapels at Kettering Crematorium and can seat up to 65 with room for standing.  Service times start from 9:15 am with a 45 minute slot allocated for each booking, with the actual service lasting approx 30 minutes.

Edgar Newman Chapel 
Re-opened in 2014 after extensive improvement works, the Edgar Newman Chapel is a modern, bright space.  The Edgar Newman Chapel is the larger of the two chapels with seating for up to 137 as well as standing room.  Service times start from 9:00 am with a 45 minute slot allocated for each booking, with the actual service lasting approx 30 minutes.

Saturday Services

Kettering Borough Council is committed to offering the best possible service to bereaved families and relatives.

In order to achieve this, Kettering Crematorium offer the option for services to take place on Saturday mornings.

There are a maximum of three service times available on a Saturday morning, the first commencing at 9:45 am then 10:30 am and 11:15 am. 

These times will enable family and friends to take time and sit and reflect on loved ones and take the time they need to have the individual service that they require.

The times available are offered in strict rotation and by appointment only.

Should you require the services of a funeral director, please use the link below to access a comprehensive list of funeral directors in Kettering and the surrounding areas.

Funeral Directors

The following is a list of  funeral directors that have worked with us previously.

Funerals Without a Funeral Director

Many people find comfort in taking more and more control over a funeral service and may wish to arrange the funeral without the services of a funeral director.  Such a funeral can sometimes be called a 'personalised' or 'independent' or 'family only' funeral. For further advice on funeral arrangements, please contact the Bereavement Services Office.

Music at the Crematorium

This resource is designed, principally, for funeral directors utilising Crematorium music's services.

Why Is Music Important?

Music occupies an important role, helping to set the emotional environment in which the funeral takes place.

  • Executed well - and very few, if any, people comment on it;

  • Executed with consistent excellence - and maybe some people will recognise it;

  • Executed poorly - and all will recognise and comment on it.

Crematorium music's staff pride themselves on the empathy and understanding of the bereaved's needs, and have a breadth of musical knowledge to allow the fullest of musical choices.

Crematorium Music Musicians

Crematorium music's provides professional musicians and comprehensive music resources for funeral services and ceremonies held in Crematoria Chapels, Churches and other places of worship. Engagements span from fully embedded and complete music management and performance to the provision of a musician for a service.

We regularly fulfil engagements for:

  • Organists

  • Bagpipers

  • Solo Singers

  • Vocal Ensembles and Choirs

  • Buglers/Trumpeters

  • Brass and Wind Ensembles

  • String Quartets

and are able to meet the most exacting of musical requirements.

Recorded Music

Crematorium music's management has well found knowledge of requested repertoire and can offer a fast recordings location and procurement service. We obtain compact audio discs in rapid time for individual funerals or manage a Crematorium recorded music library to satisfy every taste and need.

Audio and Video Recording of Services

Crematorium music can undertake high quality recording of funerals. With the latest generation of digital recording equipment, we make the recording in an unobtrusive way and provide a formally presented compact disc. Presented in ready to post packaging (where required) the CD is an ideal format to send to those who were unable to attend the funeral. We can also undertake video recording of services.