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Street Trading Consent

Street Trading Consent is required if you wish to trade from town centre pitches on Sunday to Thursday or Sunday to Saturday if you wish to trade from a out of town centre location.

Traders wishing to trade in the town centre on Fridays and Saturdays will need to do so as market traders and should visit our Kettering Markets page or contact markets@kettering.gov.uk to obtain details regarding their trading conditions.

Applying for Street Trading Consent

What we will require from you:

  • A completed application form
  • Specific pitch location details
  • Photographic evidence of the proposed stall/vehicle size, colour, style etc.
  • Public Liability Insurance cover for a minimum of £5 million
  • Proof of Direct Debit set up in advance.

If making an application for a Kettering Town Centre Pitch or out of town centre location the following restrictions apply with regard to Street Trading Consents and must be considered before submitting any application:-

  • The sale of clothing is not permitted
  • No more than four pitches in Kettering Town Centre will be approved for the sale of foods
  • Laybys on major trunkroads in the Borough will not be considered as they are subject to clearway orders which prevent trading from them
  • Trading on private land to which the public have access will require a street trading consent and possibly planning permision which should be arranged first

 The application has to be submitted for a specific pitch. The holder of a Street Trading Consent shall trade only from the designated site. Please click on the map below to view the Town Centre Pitch locations.  For an out of town centre pitch location, the applicant must decide on the site and submit a detailed plan showing the location of the proposed site. Trading on private land to which the public have access might require a planning permission which should be arranged first. Laybys on major trunk roads will not be considered.

Request Street Trading Consent Application Form and Conditions

Request a Map of Town Centre Pitch Locations

Current fees

Town Centre Pitches  (Sunday to Thursdays only)

£358.33 per month

£1,075.00 per 3 months

£4,300.00 per year

Out of Town Centre Pitches  (Sunday to Saturday only)

£375.00 per month

£1,125.00 per 3 months

£4,500.00 per year