Making a comment, compliment or complaint

Customer feedback makes a difference

As a Council we want to give our customers the best service we can, and by listening and learning from our customer's feedback we can find out how well we are doing and how we can improve.

  • We want you to tell us your ideas of how we could do things better.
  • We need you to tell us if you are pleased with the way we have dealt with you.
  • We want to listen if something has gone wrong when dealing with us, investigate it and tell you what we plan to do about it.

Examples of remedial action that has been taken as a result of Customer Feedback:

'The condition of the flat I took over was not up to standard'

We have reviewed and expanded our inspection and cleaning procedures to ensure that all new Council tenants receive their property in good condition.

'Why can't we pay our Council Tax on line?'

Online payments have been made available on our website from March 2005 as part of continually reviewing the flexibility of the services we provide to our customers.

'We were contacted by someone who said they were from the Council, but how can we be sure'

All our staff who visit our customer's properties carry photo identity cards, with their name on. Our staff are aware that when contacting a customer they must give a clear indication of the purpose of their call and show their identification if asked to do so.

If you are ever unsure about a visitor to your property, who says they are from the Council, check this information first before letting anyone into your home. If there is any doubt we advise you to contact us on 01536 410333.