Making a comment, compliment or complaint

Making a comment, compliment or complaint

The Complaints Policy is based on the principle of a three-stage process..

  • Try to settle your complaint with the employee you are dealing with, or, if this is not possible, ask to speak to their manager.
  • If you are still not satisfied, ask your complaint to be investigated by the relevant Head of Service.
  • If you are still not satisfied, please complain directly to our Executive Liaison Officer. 

The Council recognises the importance of customer complaints and welcomes complaints as a valuable form of feedback about its services. The Council is committed to using the information it receives to help drive forward improvements.

This procedure outlines the aims of the Council in dealing with complaints and sets out what you as the customer can expect when making a compliant regarding a Council service.

A complaint is a way of letting the Council know that you are not happy with a particular service. We welcome your feedback. A complaint may be about delay, lack of response, discourtesy, failure to consult or about the standards of service you have received.

So please tell us if:

  • you think we have done something wrong
  • we have not done something that we said we would do
  • you are not satisfied with a particular service or set of services that we provide

How to make a comment, compliment or complaint