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Registering with this Website

Quick Start Instructions

If you have used Kettering Borough Council’s website before to make payments then you will already have an account with us. You may also have an account if you have sent us online forms.

The details of accounts that have been used in the last 18 months (as of the end of January 2018) have automatically been transferred to the Council’s new website. Please note that accounts not used within 18 months have been deleted. You can however register again which is simple to do if this applies to you.

Follow these instructions:

1. Click on the link https://myaccount.kettering.gov.uk/q/password

2. Enter your email address and press 'Next'

3. You will be sent an email from 'webmaster'

4. Open the email and click 'Create Account or Confirm Email Details' (please note this is the correct process for re-registration)

5. The registration page opens. Please complete your details:

  • - Enter your postcode, click 'FIND'
  • - Select your address
  • - Enter new password which m ust be 8 digits and contain upper and lower case letters, a number and a symbol.

If you are still struggling after following the above please check out the troubleshooting tips