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Important information about your collections

  • Bins are emptied on alternate weeks; week one will be your recycling collection (blue, red and grey) and week two will be your non-recyclables (black bin)
  • Put your bin(s) out by 6:45am at the kerbside of the closest main road to your property.
  • Return your bin(s) to your property, on the same day, after they have been emptied.
  • If you put the wrong items in any of your bins we won't be able to empty them. We will put a tag on your bin telling you what the problem is and you will need to remove the wrong items before your next collection. Find out exactly what you can put into each of your bins.
  • We will not take any extra rubbish left next to your bins. You can take extra bags of rubbish to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

You can find your collection day by following the link below. Please be aware if you live in a farm or lodge this information may be incorrect. Please contact for further information.

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