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Bulky Waste Collections

Important Information about this Service

  • Only items listed on your booking will be taken. 
  • Items should be presented at the kerbside by 6:30am on the day of your collection. 
  • We will not enter private property or gardens to collect items.  
  • The size of items is important, as anything too large for two people to manoeuvre cannot be accepted. Long objects (over six feet long) and bulky units such as large wardrobes may not be acceptable. Please call or visit Customer Services to book your collection if you are unsure.
  • Soft goods such as settees and chairs should be protected from the weather to stop them getting wet, as this could make them too heavy to lift. 
  • A bed base and a mattress are classed as two items. A dinner table and four chairs will be classed as five items. 
  • We cannot take fridges or freezers that still have food in them. Please make sure they are cleared out before you present them for collection.

Due to Covid 19 please leave your items out for collection 72 hours prior to your collection date to minimise the risk.