New, Replacement or Damaged Bins

Each household can have one black bin unless they qualify for for an extra bin under the larger family policy and as many recycling bins as they need.

Any wheeled bin or recycling box that is damaged or destroyed by the councils equipment or staff, during the course of their work will be repaired or replaced free of charge.  The size of bin provided will be in line with this policy and may not be a like for like replacement.

Any wheeled bin or recycling container that is intentionally damaged or destroyed by the property owner or vandalised by another party must be replaced at their cost.

Containers will not be replaced if they are in a serviceable condition and it is the householder’s responsibility to clean them. Private companies are available to offer this service. The council does not offer a cleaning service or clean bins even if this was not the fault of the current resident.

Where black general waste bins are lost or stolen from a property they will be replaced with a 140 litre / 180 litre container, as appropriate regardless of whether a 240 litre bin was at the property previously.

Where bins are stored in communal areas and there are issues with people contaminating bins, locks can be provided. A charge will apply for the service for the fitting of the lock and replacement keys a charge will be applied for this service.

Repairs and Replacements 

If your bin/box is damaged or missing please complete our online request form

*Please note, there will be a delay in the delivery of any new or replacement recycling bins. Your bin will be delivered as soon as possible, after the 11th February 2019.*

If you would like to downsize any of your bins, or you would like an additional recycling bin, please use the above form.

Important information: As part of a county wide waste minimisation initiative any new or replacement general waste bins will be 180ltrs in capacity, which is slightly slimmer than the old style black bin. The difference in size is the equivalent of an average sized kitchen bin bag of waste every fortnight and will reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill every year. Flats and one bedroom houses will be issued with a 140ltr bin. 

Moving Home

If you are moving to a property that doesn’t have a full set of bins and boxes please complete the following online form.

If you haven’t moved yet please make sure you tell us your move date. We will try to deliver your bins on this date to avoid someone else taking them before you move in.

Request a full set of bins 

You will need to register for Council Tax before your bins can be delivered.