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New, Replacement or Damaged Bins

Refuse (Black Bin)

Each household can have one black bin.  In certain circumstances, you may be entitled to an additional free-of-charge black bin for a temporary period.

To find out if you qualify, please e-mail refuseandrecycling.kbc@northnorthants.gov.uk

Recycling (Blue Bin, Grey/Green Bin)

Providing they are being used correctly, residents can request additional recycling bins.

Request More Recycling Bins

Swapping Bin Size

You can swap your large black bin for a smaller one or you can upsize and downsize your recycing bins.

Swap Bins

Repairs, Replacements and Cleaning

We will repair or replace bins free of charge if they are damaged by our staff or equipment.  Intentionally damaged or destroyed bin replacements are chargeable.  The size of bin provided may not be a like-for-like replacement.  

We supply 180 litre black bins instead of 240 litre bins.  Also, any grey bins will now be green coloured.

Containers will not be replaced if they are in a serviceable condition and it is the householder’s responsibility to clean them. Private companies are available to offer this service. The council does not offer a cleaning service or clean bins even if this was not the fault of the current resident.

Repair or Replace Your Bin

New Builds

If you are moving to a property that doesn’t have a full set of bins and boxes please complete the following online form.

If you haven’t moved yet please make sure you tell us your move date. We will try to deliver your bins on this date to avoid someone else taking them before you move in.

You will need to register for Council Tax before your bins can be delivered.

Request a Full Set of Bins