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Report a Missed Bin Collection

Your bin needs to be out at your nearest kerbside by 6:30am on collection day. If your bin is not out on time it will emptied on your next scheduled collection day (two weeks later). 

If your bin was out on time and we have missed it you can request a return visit.  

Report a missed bin collection

Has your bin been tagged? 

Blue recycling bin or red box: If you put the wrong items in your blue bin we can’t empty it. The collection crew will put an orange tag on your bin explaining what the problem is. The wrong items must be removed before we can come back. 

Grey recycling bin: Your grey bin is for compostable garden waste only. If you have put the wrong items in it like cardboard, soil or general waste, we can’t empty it. The collection crew will put a green tag on your bin explaining what the problem is and you must remove the wrong items before we can come back. 

Black bin: If you have more than one black bin or your bin is too heavy for the vehicle to empty the crew will put a purple tag on your bin explaining why they haven't emptied it. 

If your bin has been tagged and you would like us to come back to empty it please remove the incorrect items or resolve the problem specified on your tag before you request a return. 

We will return on the first occasion as a gesture of goodwill but after this you may have to wait until your next scheduled collection.  

If you have additional waste to get rid of, or you do not want to wait for us to return, you can take your rubbish and recycling to the Household Waste Recycling Centre

If you are unsure what goes into each of your bins visit out what goes where section.