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Paper Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the scheme changing?

We're committed to providing an effective and efficient refuse and recycling service to all residents in the Borough.  Following a recycling trial earlier this year, we have found that fully mixing our recycling (putting paper in with the rest of the blue bin recycling) is an effective method of collection that increases our operational efficiency:

  • We want to make recycling easier for our customers by not having to separate out paper from other recyclables
  • We will reduce the amount of different waste receptacles we need to keep in stock which in turn will reduce our costs relating to this
  • We will no longer need to use specialised collection vehicles for the dry recycling. All our vehicles will be the same which will reduce the amount of different vehicles needed on the road
  • The collection service we run in Kettering Borough will be the same as our sister authority, Corby Borough – this means, when needed, all vehicles can work across borough boundaries
  • Due to Covid-19 we needed to reduce the number of staff in our vehicles to reduce contact and this change helps us to do this

In anticipation of the North Northamptonshire Unitary Authority going live in April 2021, this will also bring our recycling scheme in line with our neighbouring authorities in Corby Borough, the Borough Council of Wellingborough and East Northants Council.

What about the paper? Is this still recycled?

Our recycling is tipped at a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that has the capability to separate paper from the rest of the recycling.  All item ‘types’ are fully sorted at the MRF and baled up for reprocessing.

Are you still able to accept shredded paper in the blue recycling bin?

Shredded paper can be accepted in your blue bin provided it is contained in either a paper bag or envelope.

Will you collect in my old red box?

We will not be collecting in any old red boxes or wheelie bins.  We are encouraging residents to do the more eco-friendly thing and to re use their boxes rather than just dispose of them.  If you have a red wheelie bin this can now be used as additional blue bin capacity and can be presented alongside this on your usual recycling collection day.

If you no longer require your red box and you don’t have a friend or neighbour who might like it, it can be disposed of at your local recycling centre

What if I don’t have enough room in my blue wheeled bin for all my recycling?

You can request a free additional recycling wheeled bin.


We are running a competition to find the most imaginative re-use of your red paper box.  For a chance to win a prize and have your idea appear on our website, please e-mail a photograph and description of your reuse to colouringcompetition@kettering.gov.uk by Friday 2nd October.