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Paper Recycling

Re-using your Red Box

Use it for storage

  • Give it a quick clean and keep it indoors to pop your recycling in before transferring the contents to your recycling bin.
  • You could keep it in the boot of your car for muddy wellies.
  • Ask your local school if they could use the box as part of the upcycle project.
  • Use it for messy play! Your kids can use it to play with mud, foam, slime, sand and other stuff you may not want in your house.
  • Use it to store garden equipment and tools.
  • Use it as a planter for home grown veg. Your old red box is the perfect size for growing potatoes.
  • Repurpose it for storage in your garage for items such as outdoor Christmas lights.

Use it to help local wildlife

  • Use the box as a planter and create a herb garden to attract wildlife. All you need to do is drill some holes into the bottom of the box.
  • Line it with some thick plastic and create a mini pond to help frogs, toads, newts and other pond animals.
  • With some careful cutting, you could use it to create a place for hedgehogs to hibernate in between November and March. Our friends at East Sussex Council show you how to do this with step-by-step photos.

If you don't need your red box

People who can’t reuse their red boxes can donate them to friends, neighbours, local groups, or nurseries and schools.  As a last resort, we are accepting red boxes at your local recycling centre, but residents are encouraged to do the environmentally-friendly thing and reuse or donate them first.