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Waste and Recycling Policies and Guides

Bins for New Builds - Developer Guide

When designing a new build you will need to make consideration for the storage and collection of refuse and recycling, making sure our collection vehicles and staff can access the bins to empty them.

The minimal provision per household will be for 1x black wheeled bin (general waste), 1x blue wheeled bin (dry recycling), 1x grey/green wheeled bin (garden waste) and 1x 55ltr red box (paper)

Apartments/Houses with one/two bedrooms will be provided with 140ltr wheeled bins.

Apartments/Houses with three or more bedrooms will be provided with 180ltr general waste bins and 240ltr recycling bins.

On occasion it may be more feasible to provide 1100ltr shared containers for general waste and/or dry recycling when designing large blocks of apartments. However, this will need to be assessed by a Refuse and Recycling Officer and will be at their discretion. 

Container Sizes
Bin Capacity  Height mm  Width mm  Depth mm
Plastic Wheels Bins 140ltr 1070 480 555
Plastic Wheeled Bins 180ltr 1070 580 740
Recycling Box 55ltr  390  580  360
Steel Bins 660ltr  1310  1260  730
Steel Bins 1,100ltr  1370  1260 990

The storage of these containers should be out of view of the public highway, with clear access to the kerbside for the containers to be presented on collection day. 

Refuse and Recycling vehicles can only make collections from roads that are to built to an adoptable standard and will not travel onto private roads/driveways.

If you would like further advice or information please email refuseandrecycling@kettering.gov.uk