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Waste and Recycling Policies and Guides

Service Standard for Individual Domestic Properties

The following types of bins are provided:

Service Type Container type Standard provision Provision of extra receptacles
Residual domestic waste Black wheeled bin 1 x 180 litre bin

(Any existing 240 litre bins will be replaced with a 180 litre bin when lost, damaged or unrepairable).
No further bins will be provided free of charge and additional unauthorised bins will be removed.
Comingled Recycling Blue wheeled bin 1 x 240 litre bin Additional bins will be provided free of charge upon request
Garden waste Grey/Green wheeled bin 1 x 240 litre bin Additional bins will be provided free of charge upon request


The capacity provided per flat will be as follows (either in communal or individual bins):

  • Refuse: 180 litre
  • Recycling - 240 litre

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Bin capacity provided will be based on the number of Council Tax payers in the property.

Where there is only 1 council tax payer for the property 1 x 180l refuse bin will be provided.

Where there are a number of council tax payers, the property will be assessed for the provision of communal bins rather than individual bins.

Larger Familes

For properties with 5 or more permanent residents or 2 children in full time nappies consideration will be given to providing additional refuse capacity free of charge if required.  Each case will be assessed on an individual basis; a waste audit carried out and if an additional bin is provided, will be subject to annual review and may be removed at any point if it is abused or the property is no longer eligible.

A second recycling bin may be provided before an additional refuse bin is provided if the additional waste is mainly recyclable.

Collection Frequency of Individual Properties, Flats and HMOs

All domestic bins are collected on an alternate weekly basis unless alternative arrangements have been agreed. 

The standard collection frequency for flats is fortnightly (refuse and recycling) however it is recognised that due to limited storage in some locations; alternative arrangements may need to be agreed.  These will be assessed and agreed individually. If extra capacity is required this can be provided by the Council but will be subject to a charge.

Collection Point and Time

Bins must be presented at the kerbside for collection.  For the purpose of this policy the kerbside is where your property meets the public highway.  If properties are located down a private driveway / access road then the bins must be presented where the private access road / driveway meets the public highway.

In a small number of cases due to the access or location of a property it may not be possible for residents to place bins near the public highway for collection.  Each case will be looked at on an individual basis to agree suitable collection arrangements.

Any bins or boxes must be placed at the kerbside by 6.30am on day of collection, unless the resident is eligible for an assisted collection. After emptying they must be removed from the highway no later than 8am the following morning.

Excess and Side Waste

The following arrangements apply in relation excess / side waste presented at the side of or on top of your bin/s

Black bin (non recyclable waste)

Excess waste beside or piled on top of the black residual domestic wheeled bin will not be taken. 

Blue bin (co-mingled recycling)

Additional recycling materials for the blue bin will be collected as long as these are contained in a clear sack or contained within a cardboard box (or alike) next to the bin, or in the case of cardboard flattened and placed next to the bin.  Any excess waste put out for collection in black / or dark coloured sacks will not be collected.  If you regularly produce excess recycling waste an additional recycling bins can be provided free of charge.

Grey or green bin (compostable garden waste)

Excess waste will not be collected with the exception of real Christmas trees which should be next to the green / grey recycling bin.

Bin Lids

Wheeled bins will only be collected if the bin lid is closed otherwise it will not be emptied.

Missed Collections

We will only return for missed collections reported within 72 hours of your scheduled collection day.  Any missed collections reported after this time will not be collected until the next scheduled collection day unless there are exceptional circumstances agreed at the discretion of the Operations Manager.  Missed collections will be collected within 48 hours of report.

If the crew has reported the bin as not out at the time of collection or in the incorrect collection point we will not return to collect it before the next scheduled collection day.

If the bin has been tagged or reported by the crew as too heavy we will not return to empty until your next scheduled collection day and the householder must have removed sufficient material to allow the bin to be safely emptied.

Contaminated Bins

The collection crew will tag and record contaminated bins.  The resident will need to remove the contaminant and put the bin out for collection on their next scheduled collection day. We will not return to collect it before then.

Where a resident continually contaminates a bin, the Council will provide information and education to the resident.  Should the issue continue will consider possible enforcement action.

Assisted Collections

Residents who are unable to safely move a wheeled bin container or recycling box to the required collection point may qualify for an assisted collection by completing an application form, which is approved by an officer.  Bins will be collected from your property, emptied and returned.

These collections are designed for those that live alone and are unable to present their waste for collection for one of the following circumstances.

Permanent Infirmity
Temporary infirmity (following operations)
Inability to use other available aids (neighbours assistance or wheels for boxes)

Where appropriate, evidence may be requested to prove eligibility to the service. As the service is specific to the applicant it will be necessary for the service to be periodically reviewed to ensure household circumstances do not change in a way that will affect eligibility. Customers no longer requiring assisted collections will be removed from the assisted collection list.

Residents that have an able bodied person living at the premises will be ineligible for an assisted collection.  Information will be verified and if false information has been given the service will be removed with immediate effect.

Overweight Bins

Where a crew member cannot safely manoeuvre and position a wheeled bin onto the vehicle, or where the vehicle cannot lift the bin due to the weight of the bin, then it will be left un-emptied and reported by the collection crew. The vehicle bin lifts have a safe working weight limit which crews cannot override.

Where any bin is found to be too heavy the householder will be required to remove sufficient material from the bin and dispose of it in a responsible manner.

Once sufficient weight has been removed, the bin should be presented on the next scheduled collection date. We will not return to empty the bin before the next scheduled collection date.

Damaged, Lost and Replacement bins

Any wheeled bin or recycling box that is damaged or destroyed by the councils equipment or staff, or vandalised by another party during the course of their work will be repaired or replaced free of charge.  The size of bin provided will be in line with this policy and may not be a like for like replacement.

Any wheeled bin or recycling container that is intentionally damaged or destroyed by the property owner must be replaced at their cost.

Containers will not be replaced if they are in a serviceable condition and it is the householder’s responsibility to clean them. Private companies are available to offer this service. The council does not offer a cleaning service or clean bins even if this was not the fault of the current resident.

Where black bins are lost or stolen from a property they will be replaced with a 180 litre container regardless of whether a 240 litre bin was at the property previously.

Provision of Replacement Bins

Where space is limited or a resident requests they can be provided with a smaller 140L wheeled bin for residual domestic waste, recycling or garden waste. 

Access Issues

Where we are unable to access a road for issues such as parked cars, roadworks, building works, road closures etc. we will attempt to return and collect the bins when we next have a collection crew in the area.

Severe Weather

During severe weather we will:

  • Continue to undertake the regular scheduled collection of waste wherever it is deemed safe to do so.  The decision on whether it is safe for a refuse collection vehicle to access a specific location/street has to be determined locally by the driver of that vehicle.  Among key factors that apply are: road conditions, weather conditions, access past parked cars, risks to public and/or the crew.
  • We will try to return and collect missed bins as soon as possible after the scheduled collection date.  If this is not possible due to continuing bad weather conditions we may suspend some collections to enable us to prioritise collection of residual domestic waste.