Clinical Waste

Yellow bags are provided for clinical waste and yellow boxes for sharps items. Clinical waste is deemed as such by the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992 or by a medical professional such as a Doctor, Consultant or District Nurse. This waste may be hazardous to any person coming into contact with it and therefore must be collected and disposed of appropriately.

Charges apply to all clinical waste collections from domestic properties at a domestic collection rate and cover the collection cost of this waste. Where a medical body requests a clinical waste collection on behalf of a patient they must provide details for invoices to be sent and changes will be made quarterly in arrears.

Any other waste arising from medical, nursing, dental, veterinary, pharmaceutical, investigation, treatment, care teaching or research, or the collection of blood for transfusion, being waste which may cause infection to any person coming into contact with it will be required to be collected as clinical waste. Charges will be made at a commercial collection rate and will cover the cost of special disposal arrangements.

The removal of all clinical waste is chargeable and the health authority supplying the treatment has a duty of care to arrange collection/disposal of the waste, either themselves or using a third party contractor.

Corby and Kettering Council are not responsible for the collection and disposal arrangements of clinical waste within the borough, the health authority supplying the treatment must ensure the necessary arrangements are in place.  The Councils can however, offer a collection and disposal service at a charge should the health authority require this.

Commercial customers such as Tattoo Studios and Beauticians can email  or call 01536 410333 to set up a collection.