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You can help us convict people who fly-tip waste illegally, by reporting fly-tipping as soon as you see it and with as much detail as possible.  If you witness someone in the act of dumping please write down and report their vehicle registration number to us, along with any other useful information, such as:

  • description of the tippers' vehicle such as the colour, make and model
  • what the tippers look like
  • what sort of rubbish was being dumped
  • a detailed description of where it was being dumped.

Report Fly-tipping

Fly-tipping on private land

Local councils do not remove fly-tipped waste on private land. As a private landowner, you are responsible for clearing and disposing of fly-tipping found on your land and for reporting the incident to your local council.  You may be entitled to a grant to support you removing the waste and helping to secure your land.

Fly-tipping on private land - Grant