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Parking Waivers

What is a parking waiver?

In certain circumstances the Council will consider the issue of a parking waiver, which gives exemptions from parking restrictions. This would allow a vehicle to park lawfully in what would otherwise be a contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order.

A waiver can be granted in certain circumstances giving exemption from parking restrictions and can be issued to an individual or company where constant access to their vehicle is needed and whose work demands they park close to the premises.

Where can the waiver be used?

A waiver allows a vehicle to park on single yellow lines, providing that a no loading restriction is in force. The vehicle can also park in permit holders only bays, on-street pay and display bays, or in time limited waiting bays.

It is not usual to be granted permission to park on double yellow lines or in bays designated for specific vehicle classes, such as disabled bays or loading bays.

There is a limit of 2 vehicles per location unless there is an emergency and at the discretion of Kettering Parking Services. This is further limited to 1 vehicle per location within town centres subject to approval.

Parking Waivers in and out of the Kettering Borough

If you are applying for a waiver where the location is within the Kettering Borough then you are to apply for a “Kettering Daily Waiver” or “Kettering Weekly Waiver” via our online process.

If you are applying for a waiver where the location is outside the Kettering Borough then you are to apply directly to Northamptonshire County Council.

Charges for Waivers

Waiver Required Daily Waiver  Daily Waiver Weekly Waiver
  Day 1  Days 2 - 4 Days 5 - 14
Small vehicle up to 5 metres £10 £5 per additional day £25 per week
Medium vehicle up to 10 metres £20 £10 per additional day £50 per week
Large vehicle over 10 metres £30 £15 per additional day £75 per week 

Please ensure that sufficient space is booked when applying for the waiver

Full week Monday to Saturday can be granted up to a maximum of 2 weeks.

The Council reserves the right to allow discretion or the allowance for extensions.  In an instance that an extension is agreed a new application is required to be submitted for the remaining period.

How to apply

Applicants will need to set up an account initially and once registered you will then need to submit an application where you will be required to provide the following details:

  • specific reason for the parking waiver / dispensation
  • specific location required
  • registration number of vehicle
  • make and model of the vehicle
  • date from and to the waiver is required
  • time the waiver will be used
  • any other relevant information that may support your application

Apply Online

If you have any further enquiries regarding Parking Waivers please email parkingpermits.kbc@northnorthants.gov.uk or contact 01536 535801.