Parking Enforcement in Kettering is Changing

From 3rd February 2020 Kettering Borough Council will be responsible for all parking enforcement across the whole Borough of Kettering. 

The introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) means that Kettering Borough Council will be responsible for enforcing on-street parking controls instead of the police. Under the new powers the Council is able to retain the income from penalties and plan to employ more staff to enforce the existing rules.

This means there will be more Environment and Parking Wardens patrolling the borough’s streets and tackling anti-social behaviour, illegal parking and environmental crime. The additional resources enable officers to patrol areas across the Borough where there are problems with unsafe and inconsiderate parking.

These plans for the new service are being developed with Northamptonshire County Council.   

CPE gives us greater capacity to reduce unsafe inconsiderate parking. This helps to:

  • ease congestion caused by inconsiderate parking
  • improve road safety
  • provide parking for specific users such as residents, businesses and blue badge holders
  • increase the turnover of parking spaces, making it easier for visitors and shoppers to park
  • provide facilities for loading and unloading

Once CPE begins, we will update these webpages to provide more useful information about parking enforcement including the following:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where to park
  • How to pay a fine
  • How to appeal
  • What we enforce
  • Parking myths