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Permit Parking Scheme

How to Apply

Online Permit System (Permit Smarti)

Kettering Borough Council operates a number of permit schemes across the Borough which only allow vehicles either displaying the relevant parking permits or hold a valid virtual permit to park in a designated bay or zone.  In certain instances you will be able to choose between the current paper permit (physical permit) or a virtual (electronic) permit. 

Once paid for, a virtual permit is immediately live so there is no need to wait for it to arrive via the postal service so that it can be displayed in the vehicle. If you opt for a physical (paper) permit or your permit type only allows for a physical permit then it must be displayed in the vehicle ensuring all the written details on the permit are clearly visible through the windscreen at all times so that ALL of the particulars can be clearly seen by the enforcement officers.  A virtual permit becomes live as soon as a confirmation email is sent to you after payment has been made.

Permits are only valid in the zone showing on the permit. The permit zone letter recorded on the permit must match the letter showing on the permit sign.  You are not permitted to park in any other zone.

To apply for a permit online you will need:-

• The vehicle registration document (V5C or equivalent) or vehicle insurance schedule

• Proof of residency (dated within the last 3 months such as utility bill, tenancy agreement or a bank statement)

You can apply online online by clicking on the link below.

Apply Online

If you have any further enquiries regarding Residents, Business Parking Permits, Visitors Scratch Cards or a copy of Residents Parking Permit Policy please email ParkingPermits@kettering.gov.uk or contact 01536 535801.

Account and application guidance is available by emailing ParkingPermits@kettering.gov.uk