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Permit Parking Scheme

New Residents or Moving into the Area?

Please contact us before moving into the property so that we can offer advice and prevent the possible issue of an excess charge notice.

If you are moving into a property within a residents controlled parking area we appreciate that you may not have all the required documents amended to your new address. You will be able to apply for a Kettering Temporary Residents Permit (valid for three months only) to allow you time to have your documents amended. 

To apply for a temporary permit online you will need:-

• Proof of residency (such as tenancy agreement or a bank statement)

You can apply online online by clicking on the link below.

Apply Online

Only one temporary permit will be issued per household as per the permit terms and conditions.

Once all your documentation is amended and to change your temporary permit to a full residents permit (valid for one year from the initial start date of the temporary permit) please contact the Parking and Permits team as detailed below at no additional cost.

Please ensure you provide the updated vehicle registration document (V5C or equivalent) or vehicle insurance schedule.

If you have any further enquiries regarding Residents, Business Parking Permits or Visitors Scratch Cards please email ParkingPermits@kettering.gov.uk or contact 01536 535801.