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Permit Parking Scheme

Visitor Scratch Cards

Visitor scratch cards let those visiting a resident (family, friends and tradesmen) to park their vehicle within that specific residents parking zone.  Disabled Blue Badge holders must also display a scratch card.  

Visitors must not park in the permit zone until they have a valid scratch card that is clearly displayed in the vehicle with the date scratched and registration noted.  Scratch cards are only valid marked.

To qualify:

  • You do not have to be a permit holder to apply
  • You must live in one of the zones or be a landlord for a property in a zone

Landlords would need to register to the address in the permit zone and provide evidence of ownership.

Apply Online

You must provide the following original documentation:

  • Proof of residency such as a utility bill, current tenancy agreement, bank statement, which must not be older than 3 months


  • £6 per book of 24 scratch cards.  There is no limit on the number of scratch cards that may be purchased. Please note we do not accept cash payments

Visitor Scratch Cards will not be issued if:

  • Incomplete documents are received
  • Incorrect documents are received
  • Full payment is not received


  • Visitor scratch cards will be posted to the permit address via 2nd class post or can be collected from the Council Offices main reception desk (Bowling Green Road) by arrangement only if requested at the time of purchase

Conditions of use:

  • A Visitor Scratch card is only valid for parking in accordance with The Northamptonshire Council (Kettering District) (Waiting and Loading Restrictions and On Street Parking Places) Order 2020.
  • Visitors Scratch cards are not valid on vehicles exceeding 5.30 metres in length and 2.25 metres in height.
  • Disabled Blue Badge Holders are required to display visitors scratch cards.  Blue Badges are not valid in the zones
  • On arrival in the parking place, ensure that your Visitor Scratch card is valid for the parking place you intend to use.  This will be indicated by the Zone on both the card and on the adjacent signs.
  • Scratch off the day, date, month and place the card in the front nearside (i.e. passenger’s) side of the vehicle so that it may be clearly seen from outside.
  • The Visitor Scratch card does not guarantee a space in the Residents’ Zone to which it applies and vehicles must only park within the confines of designated bays and not on yellow lines nor block/interfere with any access.
  • Contravention of these regulations will invalidate the card and the vehicle will be subject to the issue of an Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).
  • Misuse of any Visitor Scratch cards (e.g. by a commuter) will result in withdrawal of the facility.
  • Visitors Scratch cards are issued subject to the current Parking Regulations in force by Kettering Borough Council.
  • At present Visitor Scratchcards - Books will remain valid after the 12 month period has expired on your application, providing that you still reside at the address the application was made under. Therefore, additional applications for scratchcards should only be completed if your stock is almost depleted or if residents are forward planning for future visitors/workers.

Account and application guidance is available by emailing ParkingPermits@kettering.gov.uk