Employment Policies and Procedures

Work-Life Balance Policy

The world of work is changing - new technology, new opportunity, new pressures.

This policy aims to ensure that the way we work at Kettering Borough Council reflects the present and the future, not the past.

We are keen to develop working practices that benefit both our business and our employees.

It is our view that our service objectives can be met by making the best use of our most valuable resource - the ability and skills of our people.

Work life balance is about common sense and good practice in management.

We as an organisation are committed to identifying with our workforce how both the organisation and its employees can benefit from a more imaginative approach to working practices.

The results should see an improvement in service delivery and a better quality of life for those who work with us.

There is often no perfect solution to balancing the demands of work and life.
Tough choices may still have to be made.

Our aim is to give our employees more options to assist in achieving a better balance.

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