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Climate Change

What does it mean for Kettering?

For Kettering, climate change means there's a greater risk of warmer, drier summers (more heatwaves and periods of water shortages), milder wetter winters and more frequent and intense storms (increased flooding).

Across the globe, there may be more intense heatwaves, droughts, more flooding and forest fires as recently seen in Brazil and Australia. There may be severe problems for regions where people are particularly vulnerable to changes in the weather.

The Council has a key role to play in tackling climate change by reducing our carbon footprint from our property and the services we provide ('mitigation'), and making sure that we can cope with the impacts of climate change ('adaptation'). We also have a community leadership role, in supporting organisations and individuals to reduce their emissions and adapt to the changing climate.  The Council signed up to the Northamptonshire Climate Change Strategy along with other local authorities in the County in 2011. The strategy committed those authorities to work towards reducing its carbon footprint. The Council also complies with all legislative requirements and guidance around sustainability. This is particularly relevant to the Planning Policy Framework that we operate within. The following paragraphs give a snapshot of what the Council is doing in relation to Biodiversity & the Natural Environment, Transport, Energy Use and our commitment to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

As a member of the Northamptonshire Climate Change Officer Group (NCCOG) we have overseen and contributed to the Northamptonshire Climate Change Strategy 2017-2020 along with other local authorities in the County.