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Noise Complaints

Reporting a Noise Nuisance

  • When making a noise complaint you will need to tell us:
  • your name, address and contact telephone number
  • the name and/or address of the person or premises causing the noise
  • what kind of noise is disturbing you - for instance loud music or a barking dog
  • how often the noise happens - for instance every night or only at the weekend
  • how it affects you 

Make a noise complaint online

You can also report a noise nuisance to our Customer Service Team by calling 01536 410333 or emailing customerservices@kettering.gov.uk.

You can also use the NoiseApp, a mobile phone noise recording application if your phone is compatible. For more information see www.thenoiseapp.com

There is also a limited officer response service you can contact when the noise is happening so an officer can visit and make an assessment of the noise.  During office hours please call us on 01536 410333 and ask for a visit.

Please note noise nuisance and ASB is largely victim led, we need to ensure the complaints are not malicious or fictitious therefore we ask for the identity of the complainant so that we can confirm they issue being complained about is something we can act upon or not.  We would not divulge the complainant details, however if the matter was to proceed to court the identity will be disclosed as the complainant will be ask to attend court.