European Parliamentary Elections - 23rd May 2019

Upcoming European Parliamentary Elections


The Delcaration of Result of Poll for the EAST MIDLANDS region can be found here.

The Declaration of Result of Poll for Kettering Borough can be found here.

The count for the European Parliamentary Elections will take place on Sunday 26th May at Kettering Conference Centre.

Kettering Borough Council are responsible for collating the results for the 40 districts that make up the East Midlands region. The Regional Returning Officer, Graham Soulsby will be announcing which 5 MEPs have been elected to represent the East Midlands in the European Parliament.

Once the announcement has been made the results will be published on this page.


Why are the European Parliamentary Elections taking place?

European Parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place on Thursday 23 May following agreement by the European Union and UK to extend the Brexit deadline to the 31 October 2019.

Can I vote in the European Parliamentary Elections?

Voters must be registered to vote, be 18 years old or over on 23rd May 2019, be a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of an EU country.

You have to be resident at a UK address (or a British citizen living abroad who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years) and not be legally excluded from voting.

If you’re an EU citizen living in the UK

If you’re a citizen of an EU country (other than the UK, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus) resident in the UK, you can either vote in the UK or in your home country.

Poll Cards

Poll cards are being sent to all registered electors in the Borough currently. This includes cards for polling station voters and postal/proxy voters. If you haven’t received your card, please contact the Borough Council on 01536 410333 or email

Postal Votes

Postal Votes are being sent out to all registered postal voters from 10th May onwards, and you should receive yours in the week commencing 13th May 2019. If you haven’t received your postal vote pack, please contact the Borough Council on 01536 410333 or email

Applications for Proxy Voting

New applications to vote by proxy at this election must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at the above address by 5pm by Wednesday 15th May 2019.

Amendments to or cancellations of existing proxy arrangements must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Municipal Offices, Bowling Green Road, Kettering, NN15 7QX by 5pm by Wednesday 15th May 2019.

Applications to vote by emergency proxy at this election on grounds of physical incapacity or for work/service reasons must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Thursday, 23rd May 2019 The physical incapacity must have occurred after 5pm on Wednesday 15th May 2019. To apply on the grounds of work/service, the person must have become aware that they cannot go to the polling station in person after 5pm on Wednesday 15th May 2019.

On the day

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 23rd May 2019.

If you have not registered for a postal or proxy vote, you will receive a poll card telling you where your polling station is and what you need to do.

Each District Council will be responsible for running the polls and counts for their own area. The count results for the East Midlands region will be collated at Kettering Conference Centre in the starting from 10pm Sunday 26th May and declaration will be announced by Graham Soulsby, Regional Returning Officer.