Do you think Kettering should have a Town Council?

We want your views!

Kettering Borough Council is consulting with residents on whether or not to set up a Town Council for the town of Kettering.  

Kettering town is the only part of the Borough of Kettering which does not have a town or parish council.  It is expected that the Borough Council will be abolished as part of local government reform in the county, with effect from April 2021.  

Kettering Borough Council has decided to consult on the creation of a Town Council.  The Town Council would look to:

•    Take on some of the civic leadership role for Kettering
•    Carry out a number of representative roles on behalf of the local people
•    Possibly undertake other functions as determined by the new unitary



To request a hard copy of the consultation document, please email or phone 01536 410333.  The consultation ran for 8 weeks and closed on 31st October 2019.