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Member Code of Conduct Complaints Process

Kettering Borough Council aims to uphold high ethical standards from its Councillors and members of the Town and Parish Councillors within the Borough.

This section explains how you can complain about a Councillor if you feel that there has been a failure to uphold the standards.


Every Council is required to adopt a Code of Conduct that sets out the rules governing the behaviour of its members. All elected, co-opted and independent members of local authorities, including Parish Councillors are covered by the Code.

The Code of Conduct covers areas of individual behaviour such as members not abusing their position and treating others with respect. In addition there are rules governing the disclosure of interests and withdrawal from meetings where members have relevant interests.


The Standards Advisory Committee is appointed by the Council to help promote and maintain high standards of conduct by elected members. The Standards Advisory Committee is made up of District Councillors, Parish Councillors and independent people.

Members of the Standards Advisory Committee

The Standards Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet every three months at the Borough Council Offices. The calendar of meetings, agendas, reports and minutes are available on the website