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The Mayor of the Borough of Kettering Councillor James Burton

 The Mayor has several roles: -

  • As Chair of the Council
  • As the “first citizen” of the Borough
  • As a focal point for the community
  • As a focus for charitable works
  • To promote both the Council and the Borough as a whole

There are four main events during the year: - 

  1. Mayor-making: second Wednesday in May except in election years. 
  2. Civic service and/or parade: this usually takes place on the second or third Sunday in June. 
  3. Remembrance Day: a parade and service (not arranged by Council) takes place in early November 
  4. Civic ball: this is held usually on the third Friday in November for the purpose of raising money for the Mayor’s charity fund.

For further information, please contact the Mayor's Secretary on 01536 534272 or email democracy@kettering.gov.uk