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Council and Committees


Members of the Executive cannot make decisions by themselves, but they take the lead in making sure that the executive committee, other councillors and local people are kept informed.

The Executive Committee usually meets once a month. It publishes the agenda for its meetings and the record of its decisions is available on the Council's website.  View the Programme of Meetings for all Committees

Local people have the right to attend meetings and to ask to have their say before the Committee comes to a decision. The Executive's decisions cannot be implemented until the Scrutiny Committees have been given a chance to call-in the decision. A decision can be called in if enough members of the committee think that the Executive Committee has taken the wrong decision.

All members of the Executive Committee are given portfolios. These cover a group of subjects that are related, like finance and the environment. Members of the Executive Committee and their areas of responsibility are:

Councillor Russell Roberts (Leader of the Council)
Councillor Lloyd Bunday (Deputy Leader)
Councillor Mark Dearing (Regeneration)
Councillor David Howes (Rural)
Councillor Ian Jelley (Strategic Delivery)
Councillor Mark Rowley (Environment)
Councillor Lesley Thurland (Finance)

Portfolio Areas