The Local Authority Councillor Personal Profile

The Local Authority Councillor Role Specification

The Council has a policy for the training and development of its elected members covering all aspects of a councillor's work.  This will enable the councillor to develop the following knowledge and skills:-


Some of the knowledge and skills needed

Policy Maker

Policy analysis, knowledge of legislation and parameters for action.

Committee Member

Meeting, chairing/intervention skills.
Knowledge of the Council's Constitution.

Case worker for individuals and families

Listening/counselling skills.
Knowledge of Council policies and procedures.
Knowledge of how to access Council and other agencies.
Knowledge of legislation and rights.

Pressure group representative

Knowledge of local groups and agencies.
Campaigning skills.
Knowledge of public speaking.
Knowledge of local media.
Advocacy skills.

Council representative on other bodies

Knowledge of Council's own policies and understanding of parameters for action.
Influencing skills.
Communication and networking skills.

Formal leadership role

Strategic management skills.
Ability to synthesise information to set a programme of action.
Chairing skills.
Ability to influence and win support of the Group/Council.

Back-bench role

Knowledge of local groups and agencies.
Ability to monitor and evaluate service performance.
Ability to challenge and question.
Advocacy skills.
Speed reading.

Other roles

Knowledge of local agencies.
Knowledge of Council policies.
Advocacy skills.
Knowledge of legislation.