Protocol on Recording of Meetings of Kettering Borough Council

During the Meeting

The Mayor or Chair (or their representative) will announce at the commencement of the meeting that the proceedings are to be filmed or recorded and ask members of the public present to indicate if they object to being filmed or recorded.

Anyone filming, recording or photographing a meeting, must comply with any requests made by the Mayor or Chair (or their representative) relating to filming, recording or photographing, either prior to or during the meeting itself.

Filming or photography must take place from an area allocated for those purposes within the meeting room.

If you intend to bring large equipment or have special requirements you are advised to contact the Council’s Communications Team in advance of the meeting. The use of flash photography or additional lighting will not be permitted to ensure that the meeting will not be disrupted.

There is a presumption that the Councillors and Senior Officers employed by the council, attending the meeting to report to or advise the Committee, consent to being filmed, recorded or photographed. If in the opinion of the Council’s Head of Paid Service (or their nominee) there are compelling reasons to exclude a member of staff from being filmed, such an exclusion shall apply. Please refrain from filming or photographing the Committee Administrator or other members of staff undertaking duties not connected with advising on the decision making process.

The responsibility for making decisions at meetings lies with the elected members. Officers provide the reports setting out the relevant facts and the pros and cons of the options available. When commenting on the events of the meeting please do not specifically target individual officers in a derogatory manner for professional advice given.

People seated in the public seating area should not be photographed, filmed or recorded without the consent of the individuals concerned. This also applies to those individuals who may ask a public question, present a petition or make a representation under the Council's Right to Speak Policy at a Council meeting open to the public and who are not seated in the public seating area. Please note the Council cannot guarantee that members of the public will not be filmed, recorded or photographed.

Members of the public or the press are not allowed to make an oral commentary on the meeting as it takes place.

All mobile phones and other means of electronic communication must be switched to silent.

If you conduct reporting activities, including use of Social Media, in a disruptive manner you may be directed by the Chair (or their representative) to cease recording or excluded from the meeting.  Disruptive behaviour could be any action or activity which disrupts the conduct of the meeting. This may include:

  • Moving to areas outside the area designated for the public without the consent of the Chair (or their representative)
  • Excessive noise in recording, setting up or re-siting of equipment during the meeting
  • Intrusive lighting and use of flash photography
  • Asking people to repeat statements for the purposes of recording
  • Filming or recording members of the public without their consent

If during the meeting a motion is passed to exclude the press and public, because confidential or exempt information is likely to be disclosed, then all reporting must stop and members of the press and public must leave the room. The Council reserves the right to refuse access and/or recording rights in the event of disruptive or inappropriate behaviour.