Protocol on Recording of Meetings of Kettering Borough Council

Before the Meeting

Anyone intending to report on a meeting is asked to notify the Democratic Services Team in advance. Your co-operation in letting us know how you intend to report will allow the Council to make the necessary arrangements to provide you with reasonable facilities... Please contact Democratic Services on 01536 534191 or by email, at least two working days before the meeting. You do not need permission to report on a meeting; however, the necessary facilities may not be available if you do not let us know in advance.

The Council will seek to provide the following facilities:

  • Space to hear and view the meeting
  • Seats
  • A desk will be provided for the press. Members of the public requiring a desk should inform the Democratic Services team in advance of the meeting. Every effort will be made to accommodate the request. However, it may not be possible to provide a desk on every occasion especially if the demand is great.
  • Wi-Fi facilities. For meetings held in the Council Offices, the press and members of the public are welcome to use the Council’s Wi-Fi facilities.  In order to access Wi-Fi a security token will be needed. This will be issued following a request to access the facility made prior to the meeting.  Some meetings may be held away from the Council offices and Wi-Fi may not be available.  In addition, inappropriate use or excessive demand on the Wi-Fi connection could cause connectivity issues outside of the control of the administrators of the meeting.

Please note that facilities may be limited due to available space and resources, particularly when there are large numbers of press and public wishing to report on the meeting. Internet access through Wi-Fi is also dependent on factors outside the Council's control and cannot be guaranteed.

The Council is not able to provide the following facilities:

  • Access to electricity points
  • Equipment for the purpose of reporting on the meeting
  • Technical IT assistance
  • Direct feeds into the Council's audio system