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Essential Maintenance

We'll be carrying out essential maintenance between 9.45pm and 10.15pm on Thursday 29th July, impacting the Kettering area's site, payments and forms

Protocol on Recording of Meetings of Kettering Borough Council


Kettering Borough Council is committed to openness and transparency in the way it conducts decision-making at all council meetings held in public. This Protocol is to provide guidance to members of the press and public wishing to film, photograph, or record a meeting or report on it through social media.

Members of the press and public are entitled to report on meetings of the Council, Committees and the Executive, except in circumstances where they have been excluded in accordance with national rules. These restrictions protect confidential information.

Reporting for the purpose of this Protocol means:

  • Filming, photographing or making an audio recording of proceedings at a meeting;
  • Using any other means for enabling people not at the meeting to see or hear proceedings at the meeting as it takes place or later; or
  • Reporting or providing commentary on proceedings at the meeting, orally or in writing, so that the report or commentary is publicly available as the meeting takes place or later;
  • Reporting of meetings via social media of any kind including blogging, and tweeting, Facebook and YouTube.