I have been a member of Kettering Borough Council since 2006 and have the privilege of representing William Knibb ward. I had the honour of becoming Mayor for the year 2013-2014 and am delighted to serve another term as Mayor this year. It is my aspiration to meet as many residents as possible and to support and encourage residents, businesses, charities and volunteers, and visitors to our wonderful Borough.

My charity during this term of office is The British Heart Foundation following the birth of  my granddaughter who has a heart problem. Heart disease affects over 10,000 in the Borough of Kettering alone, so the work of this organisation is essential.

I moved to Kettering for work reasons in 1993 and have made it my home. I have 2 grown up daughters, both with a child of their own. I love travel, cooking, and am into just about everything! My passion about Kettering and the people who shape the Borough inspire me daily.

For further information, please contact the Mayor's Secretary on 01536 534272 or email