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Our Connect Online system is down for essential maintenance - this means if you need to report a Council Tax move, set up a Direct Debit or access your Council Tax account please contact us.

Council and Committees

Meetings Dates For Council and Committees

Future Meeting Dates

Meeting December 2020 January 2021 February 2021 March 2021
Council (6pm) 16th   24th  24th 
Executive (6pm) 9th 13th 17th   
Monitoring & Audit (6pm)     3rd  
Planning Committee (6pm) 1st / 15th  19th 16th 16th
Planning Policy Committee (6pm)   27th     
East Kettering Liaison Forum (6pm) 2nd      
Tenants' Forum (6pm)   20th    10th 
Licensing Committee* (2pm or 5pm)        
Standards Advisory Committee * (6pm)        

*to be convened as necessary

For further information contact Democratic Service on 01536 534391 or e-mail