Council and Committees

Scrutiny Committees

Members of the Executive Committee cannot also be members of the Scrutiny Committees. Scrutiny Committees review and/or scrutinise decisions taken or proposed. They can make recommendations to the Council or the Executive Committee and assist the Council and the Executive by carrying out an in-depth analysis of policy and research issues. Each Scrutiny Committee has terms of reference setting out the areas of work and can set up task and finish groups to carry out a particular piece of work. A summary of what each of the Scrutiny Committees does is given below:

Monitoring and Audit Committee

This Committee scrutinises the Council's performance in relation to its finances, assets and capital programme. It also receives reports from the District Auditor and internal audit, making suggestions for improvements in practices. It monitors and assesses the quality of service across the Council, making recommendations for improvements if necessary and publishes information on the Council's service performance.

Research and Development Committee

The Research and Development Committee identifies and promotes best practice in relation to service delivery. It specifically contributes to the development of policies in relation to leisure and recreation, community regeneration, social inclusion, the protection and enhancement of the environment, health, housing and social care, public protection, lifelong learning and promotes the development of consultation and partnerships with external organisations.

Programme of Meetings