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Budget Support: Money Saving Ideas

Money Saving Ideas

Use Cash

Instead of paying by card, use cash for non-bill spending such as food shopping, travel and socialising. Spending cash makes the spending more real, and there’s an added advantage of knowing exactly how much cash you have left, instead of spending more than you can afford.

Create a shopping list

The less you go to the supermarket, the less money you’ll spend. One strategy is to simply plan ahead. At the beginning of each week plan your dinners for each night, do a check of all the food items in your home that need to be replaced and think about what you will need during the week from the supermarket. Make one shopping trip that will guarantee that no quick trips will be needed for the rest of the week.

Set a budget

Do you really need to spend £3 on that fancy coffee? But make sure the budget is realistic and allows you some treats. Be realistic to avoid setting yourself up to fail.

Keep a spending diary

If you want to take control of your finances and you are on a tight budget you need to know where all of your money is going.

Loose change jar

Collect loose change and pennies in a jar and cash them in at the end of the year. Without even realising you could have saved £40 or £50.

Shop around and cut your energy costs

It might be a little bit of hassle, but checking the price of your household utilities with comparison sites and changing to the cheapest supplier could make big savings over the course of a year.

Book an appointment with your budget support officer

We can provide a personal budgeting support service for you. We will work with you to understand your individual circumstances and agree a personal plan to help you manage your money more effectively.  Contact us to arrange an appointment:

01536 534247