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Policy for Generating Income through Advertising and Sponsorship


Sponsorship is defined as...

“An agreement between the Council and the sponsor, where the Council receives either money or a benefit in kind for an event, campaign or initiative from an organisation or individual which in turn gains publicity or other benefits”.

The policy aims to:

  • maximise the opportunities to attract commercial sponsorship for appropriate events, campaigns or initiatives

  • make sure that the Council’s position and reputation is adequately protected

  • make sure an appropriate return is generated from sponsorship agreements

  • make sure that a consistent and professional approach is adopted to the development of sponsorship agreements

  • protect Councillors and officers from potential allegations of inappropriate dealings or favouritism with sponsors.

The Council will welcome all opportunities to work with sponsors where such arrangements support its core values. However, it will not enter into a sponsorship agreement if, in the reasonable opinion of the Council, the agreement:

  • may be perceived as potentially influencing the Council or its officers in carrying out its statutory functions in order to gain favourable terms from the Council on any business or other agreement

  • aligns the Council with any organisation or individual which conflicts with its values and priorities.

The Council will not therefore enter into sponsorship agreements with:

  • organisations which do not comply with the Council’s Advertising Policy (above) or the Advertising Standards Authority code of practice

  • organisations in financial or legal conflict with the Council

  • organisations with a political purpose, including pressure groups and trade unions

  • organisations involved in racial or sexual prejudice or discrimination on the basis of disability, faith or gender.

  • The list above is not exhaustive and the Council retains the right to decline sponsorship from any organisation or individual or in respect of particular products which the Council in its sole discretion considers inappropriate.

  • The Council will agree with the sponsor the nature and content of the publicity anticipated from the sponsorship opportunity, and will retain the right to approve all advertising material. The Council has a strong corporate identity and material relating to sponsorship agreements must not conflict with, or compromise this.