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Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance at Kettering provides the opportunity to create a uniquely personal memorial that will last for centuries. The book is in four quarterly volumes, handmade throughout with leaves of the finest sheepskin parchment and bound in natural calf vellum, richly tooled in gold.

An opening of two pages is provided for each day of the year, and the book is displayed in a protective case on view and open at the approprate page, so that inscriptions may be seen on each anniversary of the date of death for many years until the volume is filled, after which it will always be preserved and available for reference.

The memorial entries are carefully inscribed by highly skilled artists. Entries of five lines or more may include a Regimental Badge, or be embellished with a delicate water colour painting of any flower, etc, which might be of significance to the family. The whole entry being executed by hand offers the same degree of permanence and artistic excellence as the best examples of medieval illuminated manuscripts.

Along with the hand crafted books, we at Kettering now offer a computerised visual display unit that is housed within the Book of Remembrance Chapel. The unit is accessed via a touch screen display that gives simple instructions on how to view the entry of your choice whilst the books are away at the calligraphers for up dating.

The Book of Remembrance Chapel is open to the public when the grounds are open all year round.

Please note: Because the Books are in quarterly volumes there may be a delay in the entry being inscribed within the designated book. Please contact the Bereavement Services Team if you need to clarify anthing.

Book of Remembrance Chapel viewing hours

There is a temporary system in place for viewing the Book of Remembrance.

8am to 5pm

By using the link below, those who have entries in the Book can view the inscriptions on line. 

If you would like a copy of the Book of Remembrance Application form or the fees and charges for and entry in the book, please contact the Bereavement Services Team.